About Us

Who We are

Jones Kofi Apawu International a personal and professional development organization committed to guiding and teaching people how to design and live a winning life.


Our mission is to give hope, empower mentally and spiritually, and equip with habits, principles, tools. resources and skills that guarantees lifelong success and significance. 


In short, we unleash winners by helping build a life that works.


What We Do

If you are hungry for success or you are in need of proven practical motivation and strategies/education to enable you deal with life and business challenges, stay committed to your goals until you reach them, live your dreams and reach your greatness, make money doing work you love, make a difference in the world, and/or live your best life ever, then you are at the right place. 


Our educations focus on the following areas

  • Career/vocational/professional/ Academics
  • Character and Personality Development
  • Business and Financial Growth
  • Winning Attitude And Mindset Development
  • Relationship, Heath, and Spirituality etc.

We provide these motivations and educations through the following media

  • Blog posts, articles, and short messages – quotes
  • Books,  eBooks, worksheets and workbooks
  • Audios programs – CDs, MP3s, podcast etc
  • Videos programs – DVD, Online videos and Online courses
  • Speaking, Training, Coaching, Mentoring and Consulting Services
  • Online/Offline Events – summits seminars, conferences and workshops, life webcast and web
  • Social media updates etc


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