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Do know that the major threat to your BIG SUCCESS is your SMALL MIND?

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I am popularly called Sir Jones. I motivate, train and coach on living a winning life, and making greater impacts.  I describe myself as Winpreneur because I am in the business of unleashing winners.

 In 2005 I receive this message from God : “I have created all human beings with the ability to win and reach their greatness. The rate at which people are giving up on themselves and their dreams is alarming. My assignment therefore to you is to unleash winners. Go out there and help others become the true winners I have created them to be. Teach and guide them on how to live a winning life.

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Do you know that to make  phenomenal income with your passion, gift, craft or business you must commit to making greater impact on two things?

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Who are winners and who are losers? My dear, here is an interesting discovery I made studying these groups of individuals

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