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Hi, this your friend & brother,

Sir Jones Kofi Apawu.

If you are struggling to get yourself to do THE things you said you will do or you know you have to do to achieve your goals and dreams, personally and professionally, then I am your man.
I am on a mission to help at least a billion people get out of their own way ( Unleash The True Winner Within Them) so they make the impact and income they truly desire.

We all have two personalities. There is one that is living far below it’s true potential. There is another that is capable of doing the impossible. It’s this latter version that I call THE TRUE WINNER. I strongly believe that TRUE winner is within you waiting to be unleashed. If you are ready to let that TOUGH, RELENTLESS, UNDEFEATABLE, and EXTRAORDINARY (TRUE) WINNER within you ( OR your team) to ROAR like a lion, then let’s work together.

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Featured Books


The Optimist Extraordinaire

In this book, I argue that winning is only possible in the life of an extraordinary positive person. This is a person who is constantly accessing positive energy into his or her life. This book therefore gives you access to the eight strategies that has become my weapon for consistent extraordinary optimism.

What You Will Learn

  • How To Stay Guard Of Your Mind
  • The Power of Positive Inner Circle
  • How Stay Positive Admist Difficulties

Winning Thinking Triggers

If you have always wanted to take charge of your life, winning every battle with ease, overcoming those inner critics, not becoming a victim of your own circumstances, defeating dream killing viruses such fear, worry, doubt, procrastination, self-pity, pessimism and more? Or you have always want something just to keep you fired up all day long, drive you to keep taking bold massive action, push you to commit to excellence in all areas of your life and more? Then you must get this book. 

After Reading This Book

  • You going to find reasons to set big goals and commit to them with utmost courage.
  • You are going discover your inner triggers for consistent energy and drive.
  • You are going to develop an unparalleled hunger to succeed.



My Winning Life Journey

I am blessed to have found my life’s work which is to help people own their roles as True Winners. My dear, I wouldn’t have said same about two decades ago when I lost father. Up until his demise, all I ever hoped of becoming were the plans he had for me. So when he died, he left with my dreams. (so I thought during that period of my life).

Situations got worse when I was not accepted into Business School to at least fulfill a part of the dream: become an accountant. “Now that the root of my dreams is no more, what will become of me? This was the question I kept asking myself. I was lost and confused.

You see, I developed that habit of reading motivational books and biographies of successful people earlier in my teens, thanks to my elder brother, Richard. This particular habit turned out be the game changer.

One afternoon, after reading Robbert Schuller’s Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do, I reached the decision to create new a meaning and future for life.
“When suddenly that crystal clear water becomes muddy, you get up and find ways to make it crystal clear again”. With these words, I plunged into massive actions.

I join an organisation called Foundation For Future Leaders International and the training, coaching and mentoring I received change my perspective on life and success, increased my hunger to serve humanity, and more importantly brought back hope, clarity and focus into my life.

I discovered the transforming power of personal development and became an addict. This personal development adventure led to the discovery of my life’s mission: To help others become the true winners they were created to be through coaching, speaking, training and writing. 

What People Are Saying

Your messages keep me going. I have been going through hard times (breakup and more) but when ever I read your motivational messages I smile. Thanks for always beings there Sir.

Opeyemi Badru

Sir Jones,you are magical. Your motivational prowess is unmatched and an insulin in my blood. Bless you

Fiakpui Frank


Thank you very much for all these motivating messages. They are really assisting me to be confident enough to tackle my dreams. I appreciate them so much. Kind regards

Amukelani Rivombo

Have been blessed and inspired by your daily motivational mails. I am a changed man getting inspired each passing day. God bless you a lot. You touch lives. Yours,

Loochu Phillip

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