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Hi, Sir Jones Here,

Welcome to my ultimate motivation & success coaching platform: SIRMOTIVATE.com

SIRMOTIVATE.com offers an out-of-the-box framework to help you and other aspiring individuals achieve success. I believe that success is not a one-time event but a journey that requires consistent effort and dedication. Through the framework, I get to provide you with the guidance and support you need to stay motivated and focused on your goals, even when the going gets tough.

The SIRMOTIVATE.com Framework


SIRMOTIVATE.com framework features four unique programs.

On Fire: A daily motivation Program

Every morning ( Monday -Friday), you receive a powerful motivational/educational message to supercharge your morning, bring on your A-Game, and win the day. We believe that “the winning life” is an everyday experience – WAKE UP! WORK IT! WIN IT!.

On Focus: A weekly live Coaching call

This is an opportunity to further commit to your goals and dreams, make better use of your time, stay focus on the needle movers and consequently 10X your productivity.

On Guard: A Bi-weekly Newsletter

Every two week you will a link to an exclusive newsletter with article and exercises centered on your mental and spiritual well being. It’s you stay on guard so you don’t get caught up in things that will derail your progress

On Growth: A Monthly personal growth Training

Every month, there is a live training workshop to help you become better. You learn, deepen and master winning habits that drive long term success. Each training comes with worksheets for a holistic learning process.

ON fire

An Exclusive Daily Motivation

Each weekday morning, you will receive an impactful motivational and educational message designed to energize you, help you perform at your best, and set the tone for a victorious day ahead. Remember: The winning life is an everyday experience: wake up! work it! win it!


A Weekly Live Group Coaching

By participating in this live weekly coaching program, you will have the chance to strengthen your commitment to your goals and aspirations, optimize your time management skills, maintain a clear focus on what truly matters, and ultimately boost your productivity by a factor of 10.


An exclsive Bi-Weekly Newsletter

You will receive a bi-weekly link to an exclusive newsletter featuring articles and exercises focused on enhancing your mental and spiritual well-being. This valuable resource aims to keep you vigilant, preventing any distractions that could hinder your progress.

On Growth

A Monthly Personal Growth Training

Each month, you will be provided with a link to a 45-60 minute training video aimed at teaching, refining, and mastering winning habits that lead to long-term success. To ensure a comprehensive learning experience, every training session comes with accompanying worksheets.

You also get access to

SIRMOTIVATE.com Community

Discounted Private 1-ON-1 Coaching,

Premuim Resources And More

All together, you are certain to elevate your performance and stay at the top of your game each day. If you are struggling to get yourself to do THE things you said you would do or know you have to do to achieve your personal, professional & business goals So You Can Turn Your dreams Into Reality, Join SIRMOTIVATE.com NOW.

You Got this

Believe me, you possess all the necessary traits to live a more satisfying and gratifying life than your current one. You can amplify your happiness, income, contribution, and more by a factor of 10… but …

Until your works or efforts match your wants or desires, you will forever remain where you are. In other words, as long as you keep finding excuses not to do the things that are required for success to happen for you, you will forever remain stuck, frustrated, broke, and unhappy.

In response to former US President JFK’s inquiry on what it would take to put a man on the moon by the end of the century, Werner Von Braun simply answered, “The will to do it.” Similarly, if you’re wondering what it takes to unlock your full potential, achieve your aspirations, excel in life, and make a meaningful impact on the world, the answer lies in your willingness to do whatever it takes. The SIRMOTIVATE.com FRAMEWORK aims to cultivate this sense of determination, drive, and other winning attributes within you. As a member, you will quickly discover that your capacity to take massive action, even in the face of challenging obstacles, becomes second nature.

What Others Are Saying

Marissa Balanquit

“Good morning Jones, Thank you so much, your words really make me motivated to pursue my dreams. I'm will never give up. ”

Ruth Soliman

“Hi Sir Jones, I always receive your motivational messages in my inbox. Thanks so much. They really help me to keep moving on with my dreams and building my team doing whatever it takes. God bless you always!

Wilbrold Oyesigyemukama

Hello Sir Jones,
I can’t thank you enough but may God bless you. Ever since you came into my life, you have developed me into an unbeatable giant hungry for success and very positive. I have learnt how to find positives even in the worst situations. I see myself growing stronger and becoming an achiever everyday. I am completing my Electrical Engineering degree in May next year. Wish you could be there on my graduation. Thank you Thank you and Thank you.

Fiakpui Frank

“Sir Jones, you are magical. Your motivational prowess is unmatched, and it's insulin in my blood. Bless you

Grant Ndengu

“Thanks for that powerful encouragement. I have made up my mind to stick to my dreams no matter what comes on my way. Thanks, God bless you Sir. ”

Opeyemi Badru

“Your messages keep me going. I have been going through hard times (breakup and more) but when ever I read your motivational messages I smile. Thanks for always being there Sir. ”

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Included In All Plans Are:

  • The SIRMOTIVATE.com Framework
  • The SIRMOTIVATE.com Community
  • Prority Access To Private 1-ON-1 Coaching,
  • Resources And More

Included In All Plans Are:

  • On Fire
  • On Focus
  • On Guard
  • On Growth
  • The SIRMOTIVATE.com Community
  • Prority Access To Private 1-ON-1 Coaching,
  • Resources And More


SIRMOTIVATE.com stands as the foremost platform for success coaching and motivation, catering to the needs of dreamers and success seekers alike. Our platform offers tried-and-tested practical motivation, coaching, and mentoring services, enabling individuals to consistently achieve their goals and make their aspirations a reality.

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