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Unleash The TRUE WINNER Within You.

My dear, I want you to know for a fact that you have been wired right from birth with all you will need to succeed in life ( – personally and professionally). There’s a true winner in you that is waiting to be unleashed if only you will allow yourself to go through the process. Yes, there is a process.  Click the link below to get started right now.

Hello my dear friend, my name is Jones Kofi Apawu. You can simply call me Sir Jones.

Confused and lost after the unexpected demise my father, I made a decision to search for a new meaning to my life. All I  dreamed of becoming were dreams and desires rooted in the plans my father had for me. “Now that the root of my dreams is no more, what will become of me?. This was the question I kept asking myself. “When suddenly that crystal clear water becomes muddy, you get up and find ways to make it crystal clear again”. These were the words with which I resolved to find out what the future held for me. Through introspection, prayer, coaching and mentoring , I received what I now call THE WINNING LIFE MANDATE:

“I have created all human beings with the ability to win/succeed and reach their greatness. The rate at which people are giving up on themselves and their dreams is alarming. My assignment therefore to you is to unleash winners. Go out there and help others become the true winners I have created them to be. Teach and guide them on how to live a winning life.

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About Me

I write, speak, train, consult and coach mainly on living the winning life ( this include topics like winning mindsets, motivation, success/winning habits, personal growth etc), business growth, making generational impact and creating generational wealth using your gifts, knowledge and/or life experiences.


My daily motivation – #MotivationWithSirJones – reaches about 10 million people every week. I am the author of the book; The optimist extraordinaire: How to become an extraordinaire positive person.


I am also the founder of Sir Jones University, an online school where you get training, coaching, mentoring and resources with which you get to master winning the game of life on your own terms. It’s a platform that gives you the chance to change how you think, build a life that works and transform your destiny, one skill and one habit at a time.


I describe myself as a winpreneur. In other words, I am in this business to unleash winners.

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What Others Are Saying

Sir Jones,you are magical. Your motivational prowess is unmatched and an insulin in my blood. Bless you
Fiakpui Frank
Have been blessed and inspired by your daily motivational mails. I am a changed man getting inspired each passing day. God bless you a lot. You touch lives. Yours,
Loochu Phillip
Thank you very much for all these motivating messages. They are really assisting me to be confident enough to tackle my dreams. I appreciate them so much. Kind regards
Amukelani Rivombo

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