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Sir Jones

 I am a motivational speaker, success coach, trainer and mentor in the business of unleashing true winners. Basically, I help  committed startups , seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners, athletes, CEOs, students and hungry individuals to own their roles as True Winners, pushing through all forms of barriers and adversities to achieve their biggest and scariest  goals and dreams. 

Don't Know How To Win? Or You Know How To Win But Recently Challenged And Lost The Winning Edge? I Can Help

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Called To Unleash True Winners

Confused and lost after the unexpected demise of my father, I made a decision to search for a new meaning to my life. All I have dreamed of becoming were dreams and desires rooted in the plans my father had for me. “Now that the root of my dreams is no more, what will become of me?. This was the question I kept asking myself. 

“When suddenly that crystal clear water becomes muddy, you get up and find ways to make it crystal clear again”. With these words, I resolved to find out what the future held for me. Through introspection, prayer, coaching and mentoring , I discovered my true calling, what I now call THE WINNING LIFE MANDATE.

My dear friend,  I know there is a true winner in you waiting to be unleashed.  I want to be that force, friend & cheerleader to make that a reality for you. I want to be a part of your story of success and transformation. Would You Let Me? Please click here to schedule a true winner unleashing coaching session with me.

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Training, Coaching & Mentoring

Do you want to make winning an everyday thing, experiencing what others think and feel is impossible, skipping the pain, heartache and cursing associated with losing all the time? Do you want to, not only own your role as the CEO of your life,  but also your greatness so you can step into your destiny. Do you want to grow your personality, skills, impact, influence and income? Do you want to learn and master the formula for winning and how you can keep winning throughout your life? My dear, you are at the right place and with the right person, Sir Jones. Schedule your true winner unleashing coaching session with me, and then go ahead to explore my free and paid training, coaching and mentoring programs. 

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Among a lot more other outcomes, I can guarantee you these three:

  1. Your audience will leave the event more hopeful than ever.
  2.  Your audience will leave the event power-full and wildly awaken and driven to make things happen.
  3. You audience will leave the event touched, led and transformed. 

Click the link below to invite me to speak or train at your event. 


Sir Jones,you are magical. Your motivational prowess is unmatched and an insulin in my blood. Bless you

Fiakpui Frank


Thank you very much for all these motivating messages. They are really assisting me to be confident enough to tackle my dreams. I appreciate them so much. Kind regards

Amukelani Rivombo

Have been blessed and inspired by your daily motivational mails. I am a changed man getting inspired each passing day. God bless you a lot. You touch lives. Yours,

Loochu Phillip

Your messages keep me going. I have been going through hard times (breakup and more) but when ever I read your motivational messages I smile. Thanks for always beings there Sir.

Opeyemi Badru

Don't Know How To Win? Or You Know How To Win But Recently Challenged And Lost The Winning Edge? I'd Love To Help You.


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Don't Know How To Win? Or You Know How To Win But Recently Challenged And Lost The Winning Edge? I'd Love To Help You.

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