We all want our children to be smart, and have a healthy brain. But, this never comes easy, and parents need to look towards ways to improve their child’s cognitive growth. Training their brains will allow them to think clearly, solve any obstacle they may face using their minds, and lead a successful life. Seeking ways of challenging their brains, these are the ways of going about it.

Challenging Their Memory

Gathering information and embedding it into the mind revolves around your ability to memorize things. During childhood, kids start developing their short and long-term memory, but it is the job of parents to always stimulate it. Introduce memory games into play time, and use road trips, or similar uneventful moments to task your kids with memorizing events, people, places, and lists. Lists can be useful once kids start learning their letters and words, so in combination with repetition this can improve their overall ability to store various knowledge. And since memory relies on consistent progress, always try to increase the amount of information, bit by bit, to increase their overall capacity.

Make Brain Training Fun

Introduce stimulating games that your child finds fun in order to improve their cognitive capacities. Playing games is a vital part of childhood, and is one of the first instances of children learning about the world, and how it functions. Toys play an important part in cognitive development, so maintain a diverse toy chest to stimulate their minds. Because playing games is something familiar to kids, they will adopt information more easily, and find any topic much more entertaining. This in turn keeps their focus, and interests them to learn more. Not only that, but once kids associate learning with positive feelings, they will have no trouble learning new things and being curious about the world in later life.

Incorporate Different Learning Styles

Because there are three main learning methods: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic, you need to know which one suits your child best. Experimenting with all of them allows you to pick up on the right one that will improve your child’s efficiency. Using cue cards and picture books, helps visual learners gather information, while auditory learners may acquire information best through song, or speech. Kinesthetic learners need motion and action, so always make the study environment an active one. Once you know your child’s most efficient learning style, never dismiss the others, but nurture all three, and keep them always in balance.

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Introduce Reading to Their Brain

Reading is yet another positive brain stimulation activity that improves its overall development. Teaching kids to learn from a young age, not only works on their language skills, but improves their imagination, visualization, and cognitive abilities. This skills will prove to be useful in later life, and kids who learn will not be overwhelmed once they start school. Choose the best children’s books for your child that will interest them in reading. Once they develop a habit of reading they will have a consistent brain stimulant throughout their life.

Spark Communication

Communication is a great stimulation for the brain. Through speech and talking with others kids not only learn different things, but improve their social skills and provides a real boost to their self-confidence. They challenge the brain through rapid thought, quick response, and decision-making. This also raises their emotional development, which positively effects not just the brain, but the entire body through increased serotonin dispersion. Parents need to help shy children overcome their social anxieties, but in the meantime children can talk to familiar faces inside the house.

A Healthy Mind Needs a Healthy Life

A healthy mind also needs a healthy body, so keeping your child active and physically fit actually trains their brain. Through exercise and a versatile healthy diet, allows their brains to grow, and provides them stimulates neural connections. A good night’s sleep is also a vital part of keeping a child’s brain happy, since the brain cells have time to regenerate, and dreams stimulate cognitive patterns and spark imagination.

Note Taking – Brain Training

Taking notes is another integral part of training your brain, and a vital skill to have in later life. Play a game where you tell a story and tell your kids to write down the key events of that story. Once you are finished request they re-tell the story using their notes. Most of what you said they will repeat, and they will also learn to distinguish key features from details. Taking notes improves focus and concentration, and relies on deep listening, teaching kids to pay attention. This will relate to their future school work, and allow them to overcome difficult subject matter like natural sciences through the use of their math, or extensive physics notes providing them with the ability to connect with class mates through note sharing, and reduce their study time by half.

In the end, choosing to train your child’s brain early on, will allow them to develop in a healthy way, but also pave their way to success. They will have all the necessary smarts to overcome life challenges, and with your help, think their way out of any problem.

About author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She feels she knows a thing or two about raising happy, healthy and confident kids, and offers helpful advice in hers parenting articles. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.” Find her on Facebook.

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