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How To Become An Extraordinary Positive Person

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Hello my dear winner, 

I am glad to have you here. I am even more excited for you because of the bold decision you have just made to permanently part ways with all forms of negativity.  

I want you to know that life with positivity is what defines true fulfilment in life

You can only manifest the desires of your heart when you take a stand with positivity.

Let me ask you couple of questions;

  • Do easily panic and overwhelmed with fear and negative thoughts at the slightest challenge, difficulty or setback?
  • Do you wonder at how some people seem to have everything going well for them while your case is the opposite?
  • Do you marvel at how some people easily overcome the kind of setbacks and challenges that I always easily succumb to?

If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, it means negative thoughts are consistently ruling your mind. You have chosen to focus on the negativities in your life.

You can similarly choose to take a stand with positivity starting today.

I mean;

  • You can also live with a positive attitude all the time to abandon all those fears, worries, doubts and negative thoughts
  • You can also face all adversities with a smile, be able to positively embrace challenges and win over them.
  • You can also go after your dreams, goals and ambitions with conviction, enthusiasm and positive expectations.
  • You can also travel around the world, make a difference in the lives of others, have a happy relationship and attract, possess and enjoy all the amazing goodies of life?
  • You can take charge of you life.

My dear,

you have the power to rule your world. You have the power to dream big, achieve big and live big.

This power is in your mind.

It’s about the kind of things you are allow to grow in your mind.

There is enough evidence to suggest that, only positive thoughts will grant to you, your big dreams and all desires of your heart.

There is enough proof that only noble and inspiring thoughts will make you defy all odds so you can achieve and live big.

In effect, switching from negativity to positivity will usher you into a whole new world.

A world of abundant love, prosperity, peace, happiness and all the other goodies of life.

I agree that sometimes it’s hard to consistently stay positive. But this doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

As a matter of fact, I wrote this to demonstrate that it’s possible to switch from negativity to positivity and remain so forever.

The eight strategies in the book will revolutionise your negative life.

My dear big dreamer, If you want to see yourself reaching your dreams and living your best life, then please get this book now.

This book; The Optimist Extraordinaire is your ultimate ticket, not only for the total manifestation of the desires of your heart,

but also for the complete transformation of your mind, life and personality.

I have lived on both the negative and positive sides of this life, and I can tell you that life with positivity is what defines true fulfilment in life.

Here’s what others have to say about the book.

 I was at a place in my life where everything seemed to be going downhill, when someone sent me a copy of The Optimist Extraordinaire. I remember thinking to myself that is such a charming book title. I must admit that I didn’t read it right away. I had been going through a lot. I mean A LOT. My brother passed away in a car wreck I was in. I was having episodes of depression. I was grieving and I wasn’t collecting rent from my rental properties. My rentals and my own home was going into foreclosure. It was rough. So one night I sat down and began reading. I was quickly drawn into this charming book. It became much more than that to me. I was changing my way of thinking, practicing methods the book teaches, and slowly but steadily, things started to turn around. Don’t underestimate this book. Someone close to you may really need it like I did.

– Stephanie M


I purchased your remarkable book and I have learnt so much about myself in just the first few pages! It’s incredible because what you speak about, mirrors my life perfectly! You are so perceptive. One of the lessons I have learnt from this book is to be brutally honest with myself to live life to the fullest. Thank you sir for helping me overcome my fears in such tangible ways.

– Sally


This revolutionary book by Jones Kofi Apawu, The Optimist Extraordinaire, is powerful stuff! It surpassed all my expectations! The author doesn’t give you vague ideas and theories and tells you to just hope for the best. He takes you by the hand and shows you very practical steps how you can have a positive mindset. This is a valuable book that is worth it’s weight in gold.

– Allan M


This book is brilliant. The concepts and strategies discussed are amazingly simple yet so incredibly relevant. From the first page to the last, the book is laser-focused on helping people from all walks of life to overcome their irrational fears and to be able to get on the right path again. I recommend this book to everyone.

– Ben K

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Invest In This  eBook Version

  Bonus 1: The Optimist Extraordinaire Workbook

This a workbook I put together to help you derive  maximum benefit from the book; The Optimist Extraordinaire. There are eight strategies that you can use to claim your status as an optimist extraordinaire. Under each strategy are a set of activities to help put the strategy into action. All you need to do is to print out the worksheet for the particular strategy, and perform the activities associated. I added the workbook to make your journey out of your negative and pessimistic world fast and easy. 


 Bonus 2: The Optimist Declarations

In this book, I have taken my time to craft powerful declarations for each of the strategies in the Optimist Extraordinaire. You see, something magical happens when we declare the desires of our hearts. It’s a speech action which brings into actuality that which didn’t exist. Declarations have power because words are powerful. Our words hold an enormous power, and as a result of giving our voices to them, we can bring changes in our lives. Our words set our course and navigate us through life. In essence our lives are available through what we say. The things we say to ourselves and about ourselves produce fruits. If we say good things, we reap good fruits. If we say bad things, we reap bad fruits. This book alone will transform your negative life. 


Bonus 3: 216 Optimist Quotes

This is a collection of many of my favourite quotes on optimism, positive thinking and faith. I had a lot of fun putting this together for you. Positive quotes have greatly contributed to my positive conditioning. I still use these quotes to renew my mind, nurture positive thoughts, and increase my faith, so that I can continue to live the life of an optimist extraordinaire. Meditate on a quote a day for the next 216 days and see how drastically your life will change. 

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