The 3 Top Excuses You’re Giving For Not Starting Your Online Business

If you have been desiring to start an online business but you are taking forever to get started, then either one or all of the following excuses are the reasons why:

  • Fear of being scammed
  • Doubts if it will work for you
  • Not willing to invest

I am certain about them because they were the exact reasons why I never got started online until 2013. I discovered digital publishing and the online world as far as 2010, I knew there were legitimate opportunities, but I didn’t dive in right away because I feared being scammed, I also doubted if it will work for me, and above all, I wasn’t willing to invest my money.

After three years of holding back, I made the jump, I got into the fray and I must say, I have never regretted it.

I have had the platform to share the incredible income avenues online with a sizeable number of people, and to my surprise, these same excuses come up.

Upon further investigation into the life of some online startups, I discovered again that these three excuses were at the top.

My goal with this training article, therefore, is to show you how these baseless and weightless these excuses are.

1. Fear Of Being Scammed

No matter who you are, your attempt at something new, full of uncertainties, will be engulfed in fear. Specifically, the fear of failure.

So, it’s not really a surprise that most people have fears with starting a business online. Interestingly, that fear will always be there.

The truth is that online business is the most scammed business opportunity in the world. Scams have become scary mask or monsters hovering around online business terrains thereby scaring all kinds of people away.

My question to you is; will you allow your fears to always win or will you take a risk with the mindset of a student, that even if you get scammed in the process, you will consider that a lesson and not a failure?

It was this question and the resulting positive decision that got me started. I resolved to learn my way to the top. I resolved to fail my way to success.

One other push was an advice my father gave me in my early teens. One evening after sharing with him my dreams and my fears, he held my shoulder and said; my son, in any endeavuor, the number of bad guys involved is an indication of how successful the endeavour will be if you get it right.

In effect, don’t let the bad guys scare you. Take your time to study how things work online and you will outwit them with ease.

2. Doubts If It Will Work For You

Some people are so stiff in their mind that instead of finding out why something will work, they turn to focus on why it will not work.

You should know that doubt and success are not on the same path. You cannot succeed with a doubtful mind.  One thing I have discovered in life about doubt is that it is crippling. It will kill all the good in you.

If you stick with doubts and keep doubting every opportunity that comes your way, you are most certainly guaranteed of achieving nothing in life.

William Shakespeare puts it this way:  “Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt”.

Instead of becoming a doubting Thomas, I suggest you search for the possible benefits that will accrue to you if you start to earn extra money online. Consider the good you are going to enjoy if it works.

List the number of goals you can achieve with your online income and let those goals drive you on. Put yourself to test.

Take the risk, cast your doubt overboard and tell yourself:  I don’t know how, but I believe it will work for me. This is exactly what I told myself in August 2013 when I bought my first online training program.

3. Not Willing To Invest

Some people look at the money they have to part ways with in the process of starting and building their online business and as result refuse to get started. Are you allowing money to stop you from making more money?

There is a saying in Ghana, specifically among the Akan people that goes like this:  You need fish to catch a fish. More practically, if you don’t sow any seed how do you expect to harvest something during the harvest season.

Online business requires some form of investment. I am not suggesting you put all your money into something that will not give you returns. When you find that good opportunity, spend some money to acquire all the skills, information and tool you need to get to the top.

 Your goal is to become an authority. And do that by investing in books and courses on topics related to your niche as well as topics like internet marketing, sales, success, motivation and more.

Additionally, you should attend workshops, seminars and conferences, and network with like-minded people. In the process, you are not only growing your business, you are developing and shaping yourself into a better product and consequently an authority.

Keep this mind: If you want to remain in the online world of infinite possibilities and keep increasing your income on a regular basis, learning should become your habit.

I have been reading a book a week since 2011. I have attended more 30 workshops and seminars since 2013. I have bought more than 50 online courses. It’s just the beginning for me. It has become my way of life.

So, whether it is fear, doubt or money, you have no excuse as these three factors are nothing more than a figment of your imagination. You have nothing to lose giving your passion for online business a chance but you have all to lose not trying.

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Which of the three above is standing or stood between you and your dream to earn money online? Share your answers with me using the comment box below.

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