Success Starts In The Mind

Where else do you want to start your winning life journey if not in the mind. Success/winning truly starts in the mind. This is because the major threat your big success is your small mind. 

What do I mean by small mind? I’m glad you asked. You see, any thought or issue you have in your mind that has become an excuse for not not going after your dreams causes you to have limited mind about your capabilities, and this limited mind is what I call small mind.

Therefore, the first step towards unleashing the true winner in you is to get your mind on your side. You need to align your mind with your big dreams and the possibilities of them becoming a reality.

The fact that your have your mind doesn’t mean it’s on your side. Most people live with that illusion. How do I know? Because I was once a victim. Okay! If your mind is on your side why are you not winning? If your mind is on your side, why are you scared of failure? You get the picture, right?

Here is the deal: Winners win because they are in control of their thoughts. In other words, to become the true winner you were born to be, you must be in control of your thoughts.  

My dear, are you ready to own your mind and  get it working for you? Read on …

Getting Your Mind On Your Side

The greatest discovery in my life was the understanding that my success starts in my mind. In other words, my success can’t exceed my thoughts. I can’t be thinking small and expect big success. My dear if you truly want to get the success you desire,  you have to work on owning my mind. Check out the recommended resources below.

The Optimist Extraordinaire: How to become an extraordinary positive person

In this book, I have distilled the eight strategies that have become my weapon for consistent optimism. I agree that sometimes it’s hard to consistently stay positive. But this doesn’t mean it’s impossible. In this book, I demonstrated that it’s possible to switch from negativity to positivity and remain so consistently. 

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The Optimist Extraordinaire Online Course

This 8 weeks online course dive deeper into the strategies outline the book. Now, this is not the book on video but rather a thorough training, with examples and case studies. Each lesson comes with worksheets and quizzes that you can use to maximize the contents you are getting: 

  • You will learn about  importance of your personal power and how not give it away
  • You will learn about the power of self praise and why you need them
  • You will learn to deal with your limiting beliefs
  • You will learn how to love yourself 
  • You will learn how to create a positive inner-circle 
  • and more 

You are going to be part of a community of individuals you are in the business of getting their minds to work for them. You get to share ideas, receive support and encouragement, and  learn from the experience of others. Once you enroll, you have access for life. In effect, you can always return to relearn and master these strategies. Click the button be low to enroll right away 

Join The SirMotivatePro Academy Program And Get Access To The Big Success Mindset Online Course

As I said earlier, the major threat to your big success is your small mind. This inversely means that the major drive to your big success is your big mind. By big mind i mean cultivating and nurturing a big success mindset consistently. 


Cultivating and nurturing this big success mindset is center of theme of the academy.


In other words, as a member of the SirMotivatePro Academy you learn about the drivers to developing a big success mindset. You also learn how to consistently fuel these drivers so you can keep expanding your dreams and what is possible for you, and mire.


You are going to be part of a community of individuals you are in the business of getting their minds to work for them. You get to share ideas, receive support and encouragement, and  learn from the experience of others. 


Once you enroll, you have access for life. In effect, you can always return to relearn and master these strategies. Click the button be low to enroll right away 

Monthly Motivational Newsletter

Get your hunger to succeed, your drive to win, your courage to take risk and your confidence to go for bigger wins consistently fueled with my motivational newsletter SirMotivatePro. This newsletter, even though designed purposefully for entrepreneurs, suit all manna of people. The core feature of the this newsletter is that it’s a physically shipped document that you will receive in your mail every month. It has three main sections:

  • The Inspiration Section: Here I share with an inspiring story to give you hope and increase your desire for big successes
  • The Motivation Section: Here I share with you a motivational message to get you fired up, get you thinking and acting like the winner you truly were born to be
  • The Self-coaching Section: Here I give you an exercise centered on the theme of the newsletter. 
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Join The Monthly Online Coaching And Mentoring Program

Sir Jones University ( also called the winning life university ) is Sir Jones’ ultimate training, coaching and mentoring platform to help win the game if life on your own terms. Sir Jones and his WinNation team will make available to you, on regular basis, top notch contents, strategies, motivation, tools and resources in the form of online courses, quizzes, eBooks, live events, community forums, and more, to unleash the winner in you, one habit and one skill at a time. 

Transformational benefits include the following:

  • YOU WILL CHANGE HOW YOU THINK: To change your life you must first change how you think about yourself. In here were are going to challenge you to change how you think about yourself, others and life
  • YOU WILL ACQUIRE THE SKILLS AND COMPETENCIES REQUIRED FOR BUSINESS AND CAREER SUCCESS: Whatever you are into professionally, your level of competence must complement your level of enthusiasm and positive energy. You will have access to you lessons, tools and strategies that will make you succeed professionally – business, career, and academics
  • YOU WILL BUILD A LIFE THAT WORKS: Winning is simply a way of life. Similarly, losing is a way of life. By way of life I mean collection of habits. In here – Sir Jones University – you will be led or trained on habits that will make your life work again.
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Attend The Oceanaire Mind-shift Experience Event

You are welcome to attend THE OCEANAIRE MINDSET EVENT. If you truly want to master your mind and get it working for you, at a highly sustained level, then don’t think twice about enrolling. At the Oceanaire Mindset event we dive deeper into the optimist extraordinaire and the big success mindset online courses, millionaire mindset and more. Always remember, to have success, as big as the ocean, you must operate with the mindset of an oceanaire.

Win Daily With Sir Jones

Do you know, exactly, what Jim Rohn meant when he said success is not something you pursue but something you attract by the person you become? Well, he was talking about success habits, rituals and routines. In this success workout program, you will receive daily success triggers – messages, quotes, tools or strategies- that will help cease each day (wake up) , make it count  (work it), and end it fruitfully (win it) . Fill the form below to join the success workout program right now. 

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