Reasons Why People At Big Corporations Are More Productive

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The statistics claim that big corporations’ work is 40% more productive than their smaller competitors, which allows them to gain higher revenues and perform better in the international market. Not everyone agrees with this statement.

There is a false belief that such high performances of companies like Google or Apple are explained by the facts that they hire more qualified employees and make them work 50% harder. However, their main secret does not lie in their resources, but in their approach to business.

These companies employ about the same number of star players than other, less productive companies, but their main goal is to appoint the crucial roles to these people so that they would do their job and become the inspiring examples for their co-workers.

Michael Mankins, the author of the book “Time, Talent, Energy,” in his work explains that these three factors are the most influential resources that can help an organization become more productive. He claims that proper management of the work time is the key to success.

In this article, we will not solve “my math problems online” requests but cover the reasons that make big corporations and their employees more productive than other companies in average.

A-Team Strategy

This is the strategy of the majority productive organizations. With the growing market demands and fast development of all its sectors, more and more corporations choose to change their attitude and form A-talent teams to work on each particular project instead of assigning it to individuals.

Such star players can generate ideas and deliver the product to the market faster and more efficiently if they work together. Besides, these companies pay special attention to creating a pleasant atmosphere in their teams.

However, a possible disadvantage of this method can include ignorance of individual needs or each member and that is where an efficient HR strategy can help these companies create effective teams, meanwhile taking into account the demands of each employee.

Role Models

Big corporations do a great job inspiring their employees. For example, if they need to create effective content, they group a team that contains a few regular employees and one or a few star players, who serve as role models to some of the less experienced workers.

Besides, working in the multinational company is always challenging. Together, these two aspects help the employees of such corporations stay inspired and interested in what they are working on because they feel the responsibility for the result, and know that hard work is always rewarded.

And, in accordance with the book written by Mankins, people who are inspired, work more than 100% productively than others, which helps such teams to succeed.

Cancellation Of Organizational Restrictions

How can this affect the productivity? In fact, certain organizational restrictions can have a negative impact on the team’s productiveness. Some limitations, set by the organization, simply distract people from their major responsibilities and often take too much time. This makes companies less productive.

As a rule, one of the biggest restrictions is related to expenses, and because of strict policies and low limits for expenses, employees often have less space for creativity, which negatively affects the whole company.

Big corporations, on the contrary, often don’t restrict their employees in resources, as long as they bring benefits and revenues to the company, and such approach helps them remain productive and successful!

How To Work For Big Companies?

Reasons to work for a company that is more productive are obvious. Tons of advantages prove that, but it is also not easy to work in such teams because you have to possess a certain number of qualities like:

• Stay oriented on customer needs;
• Being able to evaluate and analyze your work;
• Be ready to accept challenges;
• Stay dedicated to what you are doing;
• Be able to work in a team;
• Stay motivated and inspired;
• Work towards the result.

It Always Depends On You!

In fact, there is another common opinion, which contradicts everything that is said in this article and claims that working in a big company is actually bad.

Such generalization is wrong. If you are a good specialist who wants to change something in your life, you will quickly find a job that suits you and satisfies all your demands. Of course, there also are different organizations.

However, a good half of all problems that many call “disadvantages of working in a big corporation” are personal problems of people.

Everyone has ups and downs but, of course, it’s easier to blame the big evil corporation instead of working a bit harder, challenging yourself a bit more, and changing the situation on your own.

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Author Bio: Walter Hurley is a blogger and freelance writer whose lifestyle credo is “If people like you, they’ll listen to you, but if they trust you, they’ll do business with you”

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