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Sir Jones University

Sir Jones University is a revolutionary online school with the mission to equipping individuals and groups with winning habits through training, coaching, mentoring and more. 

As a member you get to master winning the game of life. You get the chance to change how you think, build your life and transform your destiny, one skill and one habit at a time. 

Students get access to our basic and silver products, for free. Student also get access to our gold and diamond  products at several levels of discounts. 

There are three  membership option. You can opt to walk , run or fly. 

My dear, this is the platform where things happen for you, very fast. Remember; things don't just happen, they are made to happen. Join us so together we can make things happen for you.

The Winning Life MONTHLY

Join me for 60 minutes plus, every month, in The winning life monthly program. This is a live life class focusing on mastering the act of living the winning life. Remember, you are born to win. But you will never become that true winner if you don't make living a winning life a priority. 

This program is to help you focus and commit to learning and mastering the habits that shape winning as a lifestyle. 

Basically, I teach for about 45 minutes and I answer your question for 15 to 30 minutes. The recordings are kept for you in your member area for life.

Success Workout

As Jim Rohn said; success is not something you pursue but rather something you attract by person you become. 

My dear friend, what are you becoming. This success workout program is about helping you find the right answer and demonstrating it everyday. Do you know what you are becoming? Are you becoming attractive to success? Are you enlarging yourself so you can contain? 

This is a 90 day program and seek to equip you with what I call success triggers. It's only success triggers that can active that winning DNA in you. This is your chance. Take action Now!

SirMotivatePro Academy

This is a programs that seek to help you focus and learn how to master a winning mind consistently. 

Members get access to Sir Jones bi-weekly through live video conferences. Member also have items shipped to them every month. This include the SirMotivatePro newsletter, the Big Mind Hack document and secret hard drives with video training. 

Members get to consistently have their minds on their side to push them through difficulties, defeat small thinking and reach for their big success. 

Additionally, members get their courage and confidence consistently fueled and their comfort zone challenged 

SirMotivatePro Newsletter

This is my signature  newsletter. What is unique about this newsletter is that you will not find it anywhere online. 

It's a physical document. It's mailed to you every months. It has three core sections:

- The Inspiration Section
- The Motivation Section
 - The Self-coaching Section

digital Asset Liquidation Lab

Get exclusive coaching and mentoring on how online business. Every month, during a live video conference, i will teach you some cool stuff and then i take your questions. 

I will also review your your products, funnels, campaign, adds,  production creation, marketing and more. 

I will bring other experts to teach ans train you. The recording will be kept in your member area for live.

Higher Thinking E-Mastermind

This mastermind is for entrepreneurs, experts and service providers.  Higher Thinking simply means global and generational thinking. If you want to go global with your business or message, impact lives globally and leave generational legacies, then this mastermind is right for you. Click the button below to learn more