Monthly programs

Sir Jones University

Sir Jones University ( also called the winning life university ) is Sir Jones’ ultimate training, coaching and mentoring platform to help win the game if life on your own terms. Sir Jones and his WinNation team will make available to you, on regular basis, top notch contents, strategies, motivation, tools and resources in the form of online courses, quizzes, eBooks, live events, community forums, and more, to unleash the winner in you, one habit and one skill at a time.

It also comes with several bonuses as well as money back guarantee. You will love it my dear. Just click the link below to give it a try

digital Asset Liquidation Lab

Get exclusive coaching and mentoring on growing a successful online business. Every month, during a live video conference- called DALL TIME, I will share with you the latest strategy I am using to grow my business and brand. I will also teach you some cool stuff. Finally, I will take your questions and answer them. 

I will also review your your products, funnels, campaign, ads,  production creation, marketing and more. I will bring other experts to teach and train you on how to keep growing your income. If it happens that you miss any of this DALL TIME, no worries, the recordings will be kept in your member area for you, and for live.

The Winning Life MONTHLY

Join me for 60 minutes plus, every month, in The winning life monthly program. This is a live life class focusing on mastering the act and science of living the winning life. Remember, you were born to win. But you will never become that true winner if you don’t make living the winning life a priority. This program is to help you focus and commit to learning and mastering the habits that shape winning as a lifestyle. Basically, I teach for about 45 minutes and I answer your questions for 15 to 30 minutes. The recordings are kept for you in your members area for life.

SirMotivatePro Newsletter

Get your hunger to succeed, your drive to win, your courage to take risk and your confidence to go for bigger wins consistently fueled with my motivational newsletter SirMotivatePro. This newsletter, even though designed purposefully for entrepreneurs, suit all manna of people. The core feature of the this newsletter is that it’s a physically shipped document that you will receive in your mail every month. It has three main sections:

The Inspiration Section: Here I share with an inspiring story to give you hope and increase your desire for big successes
The Motivation Section: Here I share with you a motivational message to get you fired up, get you thinking and acting like the winner you truly were born to be
The Self-coaching Section: Here I give you an exercise centered on the theme of the newsletter.

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Higher Thinking E-Mastermind

This mastermind is for entrepreneurs, experts and service providers.  Higher Thinking simply means global and generational thinking. If you want to go global with your business or message, impact lives globally and leave generational legacies, then this mastermind is right for you. Click the button below to learn more