Motivation To Never Stop Fighting For What You Want Or Else What You Don’t Want Will Take Over

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Success is more about what you want and less of what you don’t want. In essence, knowing what you want is a fundamental secret to success. More importantly, being clear on exactly what you want is the fastest and easiest path to success.

My dear, today I want to talk to you about consistently and continuously fighting for what you specifically want. Why is this important? Well, everything you desire in this life is competing with something else that you don’t desire or you don’t want.

If  what you want is money, there is an ‘I don’t have money’ competing with it?

Let me draw a personal example: I remember in my earlies years as a teen, my mother had this small backyard garden in which she planted okra. Every morning my mum spends few hour uprooting weeds and other irrelevant plants in the garden.

And some of us will join in when we have no school. It was such a beauty uprooting weeds and watering these okra seedlings. It was even more amazing to see the seedlings develop and produce fresh okras that my mum uses to make my favorite okra soup.

However, there was a time my mum lost her father, my grandfather, so we all had travel to the village for the funeral ceremony. Our trip lasted for about two months.  

And during these 60 days, no one attended to the garden like my mum did. So by the time we returned from the village, weeds and irrelevant items have taken over the garden.

Additionally, pests and other domestic animals have turned the garden into their playing field. Honestly, it was so difficult to identify the okra plants. And it was even more tedious getting these weeds and unscrupulous items out of our territory.  

Obviously, it was because my mum was not available to keep fighting for what she wants – okra, so what she did not want – weeds, took over the garden.

My dear winner, winning is a fight for territory. I mean, winning is a continuous act of fighting against loosing traits. Here is the deal:

When you stop fighting for what you want, what you don’t want automatically takes over.

If you are a student desiring grade A in a specific subject, you need to keep working with habits and strategies that will bring about your desired grade.

Remember, you get the grade by committing to specific habits and these habits will make you become a grade A student. I guess this why Jim said:

Success is not something you pursue, but rather it’s something you attract by the person you become.

So as a student;

you need start attending class regularly.

While in class, you need be active by listening and asking questions.

Schedule private time with your teachers and tutors for things you don’t understand.

Schedule time with yourself to read and study.

Finally, associate with other grade A students and learn from each other.

This is what it means to be fighting for something you desire.  Doing things you usually won’t do. In in other words, stepping out of comfort zone to embrace new and better ways of living to attract your desired objective.

The deal is that you don’t stop fighting, that is, doing the things that matter. The very day you stop doing the things that will help manifest that result, those habits that will bring about what you don’t want takes over.

Look, no matter you desires is in this life, you will get to have them if you keep fighting for them. The ball is in your court. If you want it as bad as you want to breathe, then you will have it.

You can do this my dear. Just make those small changes starting now. You deserve the good life. You deserve to be happy. You are chosen for greatness! YOU’RE TRULY BORN TO WIN! Stay motivated! Stay Blessed!

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