Make Money Online Fast – Part 3

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As you can read from the titled, this is part three of the article make money online fast. If you have not read the first and the second parts, I suggest you do so now. In this final part I reveal the various ways you can make money with your website.

I am revealing this with the backdrop that, you have your website in place, you have learned and understood the dynamics of SEO, and you have been writing quality content targeting rich keywords on your website. All together you can realize your traffic is rising checking through your webmaster tools and Google analytic.

How To Make Money Online Fast

These are some of the easy ways to take money online fast with your website.

Google AdSense

Google makes a chunk of its income through ads. Google therefore gives you a portion of this income by placing ads on your website. There are various ways to optimize your income with Google AdSense. But more importantly there certain things you should not do. Check out details from Google.

Other Advertisements

Ads simple means adverts. You can monetize your websites by placing advert on it. There are several companies who are ready to advertise to your huge audience and you need to approach them with your offer. There are several outfits that offer services to help you get advertisers to your website. However you must be ready to show evidence your traffic. The companies include

              • OI publishers
              • buyandsellads

Affiliate Programs

There are thousands of affiliate programs. There are many more affiliate programs emerging on daily basis. You can sell the products of several companies on your website and get commission anytime someone makes a purchase through your link. One big company you can start with is amazon. But no matter your niche you can find affiliate products. You can use the following resources:

              • Commission junction
              • clickbank
              • linkshare

Writing eBooks

You can also make money writing eBooks and have people download them for a fee. People are seeking to learn more just like you. If you have powerful information that you think will be helpful and valuable to your audience, then the best way is to write an eBook for you audience.

As indicated in the second part of this article. I am working on an eBook titled writing an enchanting and traffic generating post for your blog. You can also do same.

Creating Your Own Product

There is nothing wrong in creating your own product, but then that should be a long term goal. This should be after you have really educated yourself on the whole dynamic of online business. It is also important you educate yourself on how to create your own product targeting specific audience.

Creating A Membership Website

Finally, If you become an authority in your niche, you can build a membership site where you audience have to subscribe to keep learning from you. You can make this a monthly subscription or a onetime subscription. But then you should be able to offer something that your audience will be willing to pay for.

 There several other ways you can make money. For example you offer to build website for local companies, you offer to offer SEO services to people who don’t have time to learn it. You can also make videos and have Google place ads on its. There are a lots of ways you discover if you are part of a community where you have people sharing ideas on how they are making money online.

Joining a community in my opinion is very helpful. Online business is not a do it alone business. You need a group of people to keep you motivated, encourage you and to share with you their tough moments and their successes. I am member of wealthy affiliate; I will recommend you join us there. However you can join any other community but then make sure you join the right group.

Thanks for reading these three series article. if you have any comments place leave it below. If you need further clarification on any issue leave it below as well. Please take time to engage this website and please share these articles with friends on Facebook and other social media outlets. Remember to take action now.



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