Make Money Online Fast – Part 2

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This is a continuation of the article titled make money online fast. If you have not read the first part, click the link below to access it.

Make Money Online Fast Part 1

From the first part you learned about website. Let assume that you understand the importance of a website to earning money online, and you have created one for yourself. You are now ready to make money but first you need to learn the legitimate means. Before then, here is a call to action call from me to you.

Making money online is nothing new. There are thousands of people earning extra income doing what they love through the internet. We all have something we love and are passionate about.

The greatest gift we can give ourselves is to make money monetizing our passion. I suggest you drop your fears and doubts and give yourself a chance. Yeah, you have it in you and all you need to do is to activate it.

It is time to learn the dynamic of making money online. Grab you pen and paper and make some notes.

Learning How To Make Money Online Fast

Learning remains an important part of getting involved in any form of business. The fact is that you cannot never know all. For this reason you will need continuous learning. Ones you have successfully built your website the next thing is Proper SEO techniques

Learning The Legitimate Search Engine Optimization Techniques.

This is very crucial if your website will bring you money. Generating and increasing traffic to yourseo-stylized-logo-14761010 website simply means driving customer to your website. In the part one of the article I gave an example of you selling items to the people in your area in the form of garage sales.

Bringing the stuff out and setting them up alone will not create the awareness but then you need to send out information to create awareness. The people that will visit your house to buy constitute the traffic.

You will then agree with me that the more traffic the better. This is why you should learn how you can increase traffic to your website. Understanding how SEO works is very important in increasing the traffic to your website.

In other words you need learn the basic of Search Engine Optimization in order to have you website ranked in Google. Your target is to be on the first few pages of Google. You can only find yourself there with a low ranking keyword and a very informative content. If you really want to get low ranking keywords, I strongly recommend you give jaaxy research chance.

Before I delve further in to writing quality content and keywords, let me draw you attention to some SEO scams.

Avoiding SEO Scams

internet-scams-24045069This is a very important issue. If you really want to stay in business for long, then pay attention to this topic and stay away from companies that claim they can help you get ranked in Google fast.

Most of these companies study Google’s indexing system and capitalize on their loop hole. But soon Google discovers and updates his indexing procedure.

After doing that Google removes websites that tried to take advantage of the system to get ranked.

Ones that happen to your website, you are out of business. Watch out for companies preaching the following SEO techniques;

                • Back linking packages
                • Directory submission
                • Article writing and submission
                • Content spinning and more

Stay very far from these dream killing offers. I suggest get you proper SEO education from those who know the fundamentals and work on your own ranking so that you can stay in business forever. Getting the education also places you in the position to teach and help others.

The ultimate SEO technique is writing quality content post targeting rich keywords.

Writing Quality Content Targeting Rich Keywords

golden-keywords-28958985One strong means of stamping your authority on the internet is to write content on your website using quality keywords. Keywords are what people type in the search engines when they looking for something online. Fishing out for quality keywords are best done using keyword searching tools. The keyword searching tool I use is jaaxy.

For me, I think jaaxy offers much greater opportunities as you can actually conduct a whole research on a keywords using jaaxy. Jaaxy offers a free 30 keyword search trail. You can give it try. However if searching keyword is something you wouldn’t have time to do I can help search for quality keywords for your niche.

Enter your keyword in the space below and discover the power of jaaxy.

Ones you have your keyword, you write a page post or blog post of about 400words minimum. Check out my article on how to write quality content for your blog on my blog. There is no perfect style to writing. All you need is to offer valuable and helpful information to your audience.

You must write to enchant you audience. I am working on an eBook titled writing an enchanting and traffic generating blog post. Ones it is ready, I will make it available. However bear in mind that it will not be free.

Writing content targeting rich keywords becomes the regular activity onwards.  If you can write content on daily basis you are in no time going to take over your niche as an authority and all the traffic will be leading to your website.

If the whole idea of writing is something that scares you, just look for the avenue to learn to write quality content post. I can also write you content for you if it is something you wouldn’t have time to do.

If you learn the proper SEO techniques and make keyword searching and content writing you regular routine, you will become a favorite to Google and soon you will be all over the first page of Google with any keyword within your niche. Ones that happens, it is time to count the dollars or the pounds or whatever.

To know how you can make the money with your huge traffic and high rankings, click make money online fast part 3  to read the final part of this article.

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