Mahatma Gandhi once said: “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Interestingly, the exact opposite is what most of us do. We live as if we are never going to die. And learn as if we are going to die tomorrow.

My dear, if you want to become the true winner you were created to be, you need live as if you were going to die and learn as if you were never going to die.

What does it mean to live as if you were to die to tomorrow?

Well, let me ask you, if you are certain of death tomorrow, will the things you are worrying about now mean anything to you? If you are certain of death tomorrow, will you be have time for things like hate, selfishness and all other similar traits? I guess not.

To me, whenever the thought of death surface in mind, I am inspired to love out loud, live out loud and laugh out loud. I am spire not to hate. Finally I am spired to enjoy the gift of life, pursue my passion and make my life count.

Okay, you are wondering why am talking about death today.

Look, you need to realise that you are not going get out life alive. There is an end to all things including our lives. In essence, a time will come when you and I will be here no more. This one the main reason why you shouldn’t waste your time majority is minor things.

The thought death should make appreciate God for the opportunity to to live through is world.  Additionally,the thought of death shouldn’t scare you but rather impress upon you to make an impact in the world.

Today, the iPad and the iPhone have become gadgets we all adore and love to use. But we sometimes forget that it’s someone else’s contribution to this world. Talk of Martin Luther King, Madam Theresa, Nelson Mandela, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, The Wright Brother and many others.

These great people continue live with and within us even though they are gone. To me, that is what learning as if you were to live forever brings on board. In effect, you cannot make the impact you desire in this world without cultivating the habit of learning. Simply: You need to become a student of life.

Becoming a student of life is one of the important habit of highly successful people. I once told myself, if Bill Gate with all his wealth is still reading, then I will be a big fool not to become addicted to reading.

Look my dear winner, there is the upper pool of life and there the bottom pool of life. At the bottom are the many losers who are not affecting this world but only taking from it. At the top are the few winner who are moving and shaping the world.

Here’s the deal,

The extent to which you can learn and apply what you learn will determine if you are going to get out from the bottom into the upper or not.

Meaning, if you desire to be among the upper few then take my advice and start learning. Get mentor; gather all biographies of some the great leaders and influencer who once lived and read them; seek out for great books on life, the mind, business, health etc. and learn from them.

In the process do your own analysis and reflections of things and document the lessons that could take your life to the next level, and also help you affect the lives of others. Do these things and you will soon comprehend Gandhi’s words –

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.” 

Well, the ball is your court. You are chosen for greatness! You are truly born to win! Stay motivated! Stay blessed!

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1 thought on “Learn As If You Were To Live Forever

  1. There is a quote that I like,

    ” If you don’t have something that you’re willing to die for, you aren’t fit to live”

    I think that this quote is fittting between life and death, so we can live our life to its fullest.

    Thanks for the beautiful post, BTW.

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