The type of friends you have in your inner circle significantly define your success or failure. They largely influence the progress you make towards achieving your dreams. Your dreams are like seeds. And as such they need the right mix of people to bring it to life.

So, have you categorized your friends? How do you determine who stays in your inner circle and who does not?

As a person born to win, you need other people with the belief that they are also born to win. So that you can strive together towards becoming the true winners you have been created to be.

To become that true winner that you were created to be, you need to find and recruit into your inner circle people who will not only believe and inspire you, but also join their faith with yours.

Winners are very cautions of people they recruit into their inner circle. Winners are people who believe in the power of positive association. Winners are people who believe in the nourishing power of a positive inner circle.

In this article, you discover the importance and power of a positive inner circle. You again discover tips on what kind of persons you need to have a super positive inner circle. Finally, you learn how to consciously and deliberately choose people for your inner circle.

Let’s start with a brief understanding of term inner circle friend.

Who is an inner circle friend?

An inner circle simply means a circle within a circle. It is the closest circle to center of larger circle. Let me illustrate this. Imagine yourself surrounded by several circles, and you are at the center of these circles. There are some circles closer to the center as well.

The circle closest to you is your inner circle. It’s the circle you can just stretch your hand and touch without taking any step. All other circles are outside your reach. Before you can touch those circles out of your reach, you need to take a step or couple of steps. Those circles constitute your outer circle.

Therefore, your inner circle friends are your closest group of friends. What distinguishes inner circle friends from outer circle friends is the depth of friendship.


They are those friends you can reach at arm’s length. They are those friends you can call on at any time, even midnight. You don’t require any form of permission to call them. They are those friends you reach out to first, when you have a business idea that needs deliberation, or you have a challenge to overcome.

They are those friends who you almost always take advice and suggestions from. They constitute what I call a “life board”. And each of us, be it deliberately or not have a life board.

Importance of inner circle friends

There is a saying that; show me your friend and I will show you your character. I think it’s not just any friend but a friend in your inner circle. It’s certainly a friend with whom you spend much of your time.

The greater time you spend together, the higher the odds that you will pick up some character traits. This is so revealing and important yet most people take it for granted.

As I indicated earlier, your inner circle friends greatly influence your level of success. You cannot commit to a weight lost program with an inner circle friend who is overweight and chunk down food without thinking twice about it. It just doesn’t fit. The people closest to you make all the difference–in a good and a bad way.

As social animals, we need specific friends to help us know ourselves better. This is because it takes another person to decipher if your are trotting a straight or crooked path.

A positive inner circle friend holds a mirror up to you and shows you what your behavior looks like. The said person also offers you all the support you need to work out who you are.

You inner circle friends therefore help you chatter the path that leads to your desired destination. They nourish you physically, spiritually, emotionally, financial, socially and more. The quality of your inner circle friends has a huge influence on the amount of satisfaction you draw from life.

According to business philosopher, motivator and personal development expert Jim Rohm; we are a combined average of those we spend most of our time with. It’s for this reasons why your choice of friends has to be deliberate. There’s nothing wrong with making lots of friends but you must have a criteria for choosing friends for your inner circle.

Choosing your inner circle friends


You need not to be only deliberate but also strategic in choosing your inner circle friends. You see, if you think that friend’s turn up from nowhere then this is a limiting belief – get a coach to help you replace that with an uplifting belief.

And if you are there grumbling about not having friends, then you might as well grumble forever. Alternatively you can give my eCourse how to make great friends a try.

On a more general note just get out there and mingle with others. Show some love, laughter and smiles. Get to know people and through that you can recruit the following kind of people into your inner circle.


Your inner circle is weak without creators. Creators are builders. Builders motivate. They help you maintain hope for the future. They help you build an unshakable faith in yourself and your dream. They help you become conscious of your strengths, skills and talents, and they advise you on how best to nurture and use them.


Fighting to reach your dreams is like running a marathon for a medal. It’s only champions who get the medal. Championship is contagious so you need to have champions in your inner circle. Champions stand up for you and your beliefs and they praise you to everyone else they know.


Collaboration is a success secret. You therefore need to have in your inner circle persons who share similar interest with you. With these friends you can create a common destiny. Collaborators are the kind of friends you are most likely to spend most of your time.


Your ability to meet other people that will help advance your goals and dreams is tied to the presence of connectors in your inner circle. It’s important you recruit connectors into your inner circle.

Connectors get to know you and then instantly work to connect you with others who share similar interests and/or goals with you.


You need another kind of friends called chargers. Chargers energize and cheer you up when you’re down and always available to boost your spirits. They can be likened to a car battery or a mobile phone charger.


Consciousness-awakener stretches your viewpoint. They introduce you to new and better ideas and opportunities. They help you to dream big.


Counselors are the kind of friend you recruit because of their ability to guide you when you need one. They help you to think through issues and evaluate options.


Your inner circle is weak without companions. We all need companions. They are the first people ou call, with good news or bad news. They are always there for you. They are the people whose shoulder you can always lean on.


It’s time you surround yourself with people who have great and ambitious plans, meaningful and life transforming purposes, and big winning targets and dreams. This should be a goal in itself.

Even if the winning targets of these people are different from yours–and they probably will be—you will end up feeding off their energy, and they will also feed off your energy.

You need to realize that you are in total control of your life. You are the CEO of your life. You have the power to hire and fire. You have the power to create your own world. However, you need to know that you are also responsible for the decision and the choices you make.

Decide today to create the kind of inner circle that will help to drive you towards achieving all your winning targets (goals) and reach your dreams with ease. You are truly born to win. Stay motivated! Stay Blessed!

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