I was in a discussion with a friend recently. He shared with me his frustrations on how a project he has been working on for months doesn’t seem to be coming through.

Well, there could be couple of reasons. But I asked my friend, “how full is your commitment cup”. ‘What do you mean by commitment cup? He asked.

You see, whenever we set a goal, it comes with what I call a commitment cup. For example, I have goal to publish two books this year. Once that goal was written down, the universe presented me a “publish two books commitment cup”. I have the choice to either fill it to brim, fill it half way or not fill it at all.

My dear, the level of commitment in your commitment cup will determined if your goals are going to happen or not. And I want you to understand that until you over fill your commitment cup with an undiluted commitment, you are never going to make that goal a reality.

In other words, it won’t happen until you FULLY COMMIT. I repeat, it won’t happen until you fully commit.

Look, I don’t know what your major goal for the year is. But I do know one thing, if you fully commit, you will defy all odds to make it happen. More importantly, you have what it takes to fully commit -that is to fill your commitment cup to the brim.

Always remember, filling your commitment cup is your sole responsibility. You are chosen for greatness, you are truly born to win. Stay motivated! Stay Blessed!

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