Feed Your Resolve To Succeed With Lots Positive Information

Feed Your Resolve To Succeed With Lots Positive Information

July 8, 20117

Here is your message of motivation/winning thinking trigger for the day:

Feed Your Resolve To Succeed With Lots Positive Information

Resolve to succeed, and feed this resolve with lots positive information. No matter how big or small your dreams are, it’s important you resolve to succeed. 

It’s your resolve that will make you defy all odds when you are confronted with monstrous and life threatening dream kidnappers. 

It’s your resolve that will push you to acquire the required dream building vitamins while eliminating dream killing viruses.

Your resolve is the determination to do something no matter what. It’s about decisions, resolutions and commitments. 

It’s the state of making a promise to yourself to never give up on your dreams even in life threatening situations.

In other words, you should be ready to die in the process of making your dreams manifest. Here’s what reaching a resolve brings your way: Resolve quenches fear, it dissolves worry and it criminalizes doubt. 

When you resolve to do something, you are transfigured into the image your creator. 

You start to see possibilities in things that initially seemed impossible. You set your creative machinery in motion. You become a brand-new person in mind and in spirit.

Keep the lion within you roaring all through the year. This is your year, this is your season, you are sure to smile again. 

You are bound for the top. I love you! I believe in you! I believe in your dreams. You are chosen for greatness! YOU’RE TRULY BORN TO WIN! 

Stay motivated! Stay Blessed! Please share this message to help others. Thanks, and God bless you.

With love,
Sir Jones

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