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The Will To Win Summits

This is where we come together to power up for our next higher level success. The summit focuses on amping up our mind and personal power, courage and confidence to keep pushing for bigger wins. Remember, the major threat to your bigger success is your small mind. At this summit, you get to meet others who challenge you with new thoughts patters and ideas that further push away the threat of small thinning. My dear come and learn how to keep dominating yourself and your mind for higher and bigger wins.

Generational Impact Makers Summits

This is a summit for entrepreneurs, coaches consultants, service providers and individuals or groups committed to making generational impact. Here we delve into all possible was to innovate on branding, marketing sales and more so we can keep reaching more people thus increasing our influence. We we also look at all ways possible to to plan, organise and structure our businesses, organisation assets and more - ethically and legally - so that generations that come to manage them will do so rightly and effectively. it's to think global and generational.

The Winning Life Academy LIVE

One of the perspectives shaping the winning life is creed is that life i business. And such to run it profitably, you must go to work on it and not in it. At this live workshop, we learn what goes to designing that winning life, and what it takes to live it. We give you the chance to making living a winning life a priority. We give you the chance to become the best version of yourself. We give you the tools to go live life on your terms.

Utopian Marriage & Couples Retreat

This retreat is centered on this all-important question fashioned out from J.F Kennedy’s address prior to American’s moon landing adventure: “Will you choose to pursue a utopian marriage not because it is easy, but because it is hard, because you will be able to affect your world and other worlds, because the challenge is one you are willing to accept, one you are unwilling to postpone, and one which you intend to win? If you desire a lasting and fulfilling marriage tied to make a difference in this world, then this retreat is something you wouldn’t want to miss.