You Don’t Want To Be Obsolete

In today’s winning life daily, I encourage you to keep learning in order not to become obsolete. If you don’t want to be obsolete, then Continue Reading

Don’t Take The Easy Way

In today’s winning life daily, I remind you that taking the easy way through life is never an option because you did not come to Continue Reading

When Nothing Is Certain

In today’s winning life daily, i encourage you to live with a ‘nothing guaranteed mindset’ in the pursuit of your goals Everything is possible with Continue Reading

Dare To Dream

In today’s true winner unleashing video, I remind you that if you are to become the true winner you were created to be, you must Continue Reading

Stay Uncomfortable

In today’s true winner unleashing video, I encourage you to choose to Uncomfortable today so you can be comfortable tomorrow. Theme Quote: The more you Continue Reading

Be Willing To To Be Judged

In today’s true winner unleashing video, I encourage you not let the judgement of others get you. Theme Quote: If you want to win, you Continue Reading

3 Easy Ways To Cut Back On Sugar Consumption

This is training number three (#3) on sugar consumption and how it’s critical to winning the health game. In the first training, we looked at 5 Continue Reading

5 Ways To Stay Positive In Stressful Situations

In this training article, I show you five ways by which you can stay positive during stressful situations. If you are fond of being all Continue Reading

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