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golden-books-successful-business-building-14149286It is okay to search for a resource like a book on how you can create your online business. The great news is that there are thousands of books on how to create or build an online business. I am going to recommend a couple of such books to you in this article. I will recommend you get hold of some motivational books as well.

In addition, I suggest you join some resourceful affiliate communities online, forums and social media groups focussing on online business. While you join these groups, be particular about your area of specialisation and connect with the right people.

The fact is that, it is one thing creating a business and it is another thing running a business. These two are not the same. But the most important thing is to get started. By connecting with the right people, you create a resource base that you can rely on when you get to the stage of running your business.

In this article I will try to lead you in to the process of creating an online business. I am not going to strictly focus on the books you need, I will offer you general and specific ideas while recommending books in between the lines. My article will fall under the three sub heading, and my book recommendations will also fall under these same subheading. These subheading are as follows

  • Finding and fine tuning your niche
  • Audience approach
  • Getting started

I will limit myself to these three areas. I need not overwhelm you with too much. Too much stuff sometimes get newbies confused making them to easily give up.

Finding And Fine Tuning Your Niche

One of the common terminologies that you will come across in the online business world is niche. Don’t allow it to scare you. It simple means your audience or customers you want to reach out to with your business. I will also look at niche from the personal point of entry as what you are passionate about or what interest’s you.

For example, I am passionate about helping people start their online business so I am in the money making niche. I am also an upcoming motivational speaker and personal development coach so I also have a website to serve people who will need constant motivation as well as people who will want to develop themselves. Again, I have another website on soccer and another on tourism in Ghana. All these areas I am passionate about hence they fall within my niches.

So, in as much as your focus is creating the business, I think you should  assess yourself or search yourself and list the areas you are passionate about and then get some books on how you can fine tune your passion and monetise it. Do some research to have a general idea of the common problems your audience face and how you can help. Below are some books that on niching.


With a firm grip on your niche and a concrete decision on your audience, the next thing is to think of your approach.

Approaches To Reaching Out To Your Audience

There might be several ways to reach out to your audience via the internet, but I am going to focus on  two.

The Website Approach

This is one of the common and fundamental approach to doing business online. If you ask me to helpwebsite-building-laptop-under-construction-26123210 you make a choice, I will certainly recommend this approach to you. Creating a website offers you the opportunity to become an authority. Through the contents on your webpages and/or your quality blog posts, you communicate to your audience through a platform. The website becomes your platform as well as your pivot.

Creating website has been made easy now a days. There are several tutorial, trainings  and books on how you can create a website easily. For me, I prefer to join an affiliate community where I can have my website hosted for me. The choice is yours anyway. However, you must have it in mind that deciding to have a website means you have to make some financial investment to acquire a domain and get hosted. Check out these books below.

The Social Media Approach

social-media-marketing-concept-24913688This is where you decide to use social media like Facebook, Twitter or Google plus as the platform to reach out to your audience. All you need to do is to have a fun page that you will use to attract likes from your audience, so when you post or update your status it will show in  their news feed.

In this sense, with any product that you want to sell, you just have to post it on your social media update wall with the necessary links and attributes,  and it will be seen by your audience. Anytime you make a post on your timeline or status update, your audience will automatically have it  as  a newsfeed. There are also several books on social media marketing  that you can rely to make the most use of this approach. Below are some recommended books for you.

The Website Approach vs. The Social Media Approach

The reason I will recommend the website approach to you is that, you still reach out to your audience through social media by linking your website to your social media. For example, I have linked my online money making secret website to my Facebook fan page. Anytime I post something new on my blog, WordPress automatically publishes that on my timeline for my fans or audience to see. Check out this tutorial by a member of wealthy affiliate:

++++++ Connect a WordPress site to a Facebook page ++++++

The only disadvantage is that, with social media marketing, there is less financial investment. Probably the only expense you might have to incur is when you try to have a Facebook ad for your page to reach out to more of your audience. But then, you need money to make money. I suggest you visit my home page and read my post titled;

+++++Three reasons why most people fail to get started with their online business idea.+++++

In effect commit some money to your idea for it to yield quality result. One thing I have also learnt about life or we human beings is that things we have for free we  often attach less value to them. Probably, your monetary investment is what will keep you working consistently.

With your mind made up on how you plan to reach your audience, Get started.

Getting Started.

I will like you to do me a favor. It is important you do this okay. Okay! pause here and read my blog post titled;

+++++   The top online money making secrets is getting started +++++

You might as well visit my getting started page on the menu bar to catch a glimpse of the getting started secret.

It is very important to take action immediately. Get to work my friend. Until you take action, you have nothing to show for all you have been thinking and dreaming to accomplish. It is action that produces movements that leads to results. So, please if you don’t take anything with you  from this article, please take note of the fact that until you take action you don’t expect to see any movement or results.

In essence, search for an affiliate community, I recommend wealthy affiliate, the number one ranked affiliate community, and start creating a website. Why not take a another pause here and read my wealthy affiliate review on the menu bar. Wealthy Affiliate actually have a training program on how you can create a website in 30seconds, yeah 30 seconds. Click the link below to check it out

++++++ Create a website under 30 seconds ++++++

However, if you prefer to go with the social media approach only, then go and create an account with Facebook, twitter and/or Google plus and start creating ads to find your audience .

An Important Issue To Consider: Motivation

The entrepreneurial world has got its own ups and down. It is for this reason am I recommending you get hold of  a motivational kit to always keep your fired up. It is very important. Aside acquiring a motivational kit, you need to get some powerful motivational books and videos that will keep you consistently working on your business.

As I mentioned earlier on, I have a full website focusing specifically on motivation and personal development. You are welcomed to  check things out and grab hold of some motivational and personal development resources.

++++++ Motivation and Personal development Clinic ++++++

Trust me on this: it will come to a time or some days will come and you will doubt if what you are doing is going to work. Especially if your expectations are not coming to a reality as quickly as you expected them. This where you need motivation.

Let your goals and your dreams be your first source of motivation. Write them boldly on a card and stick them to a wall or a place where you can constantly see them. You  can also get motivation from reading the success stories of other people. This is another advantage why you should join wealthy affiliate. They have a vibrant affiliate community.

Okay! I tried to demystify the whole mystery surrounding the idea of starting your online business while at the same time recommending books that will help you. I now believe choosing books on creating a business online has been made easy for. You can now shop for books with a purpose. You can visit my bookstore and shop for more books.

You know what; just get down to business, see you at the other side.


Founder: Online Money Making Secrets

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