Become A Point Of Light

July 7, 2017

Here is your message of motivation/winning thinking  trigger for the day:

Become A Point Of Light

Three things you will quickly get to know about me if we were to spend sometime together are; my love for learning, my love people and my love for country music.

Yeah, country music. People say country music is boring but I get lots of inspiration from country music. As a matter of fact, I get more done in the office when I have country music playing at about 10% volume.

Why country music and what has that got to do with you?

Randy Travis, a legendary country artist (currently down with stroke, please let’s keep praying for him) has a song called point of light. He sings: when you see, what is wrong and try to make it right, you will be a point of light.

Great assertion, right? This lyric speaks audible about the need to lead each other. 

My dear, God planted us here to become points of lights. You are here to find what is wrong and try to make it right, in your life, the life of others and the world at large.

This means that we cannot truly shine our lights onto the path of others if our own life is full darkness. Well, there will be no light to shine if the whole of you is dark, right?

It’s pursuing your own personal development and self – enlightenment that you become a light. Finding those negative habits and replacing them with positive ones, committing to lifelong learning and serving humanity with your gifts, skills and experiences is how you a become a point of light that lights the path and life of others.

I have been on this personal development journey for several years now. I have seen my own transformation but it’s time to light your path.

My dear winner and friend, I want to coach and mentor you exclusively that is why I created the winner’s cult. I want to help you reach higher levels of confidence, character and contribution.

Sing up here >> Winner’s Cult

Look, you should desire to be the point of light for your siblings, family and your community. So, let me be your coach and mentor all year long. It’s time to let your light shine.

Keep the lion within you roaring all through the year. This is your year, this is your season, you are sure to smile again. You are bound for the top. I love you! I believe in you! I believe in your dreams.

You are chosen for greatness! YOU’RE TRULY BORN TO WIN! Stay motivated! Stay Blessed! Please share this message to help others. Thanks, and God bless you.

With love,
Sir Jones

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