Hello my dear friend, here is your motivational message for the day:

An Unlimited Dose Of Self-permission

Why haven’t I done any webinar despite all I know and have learned about webinar? This was the question that dominated my usual early hours brainstorming and meditation today? I listed a lot of reasons: I am not yet ready. Webinar is not my thing etc.

Out of nowhere, my mind puked a weird reason; You are suffering from permissionitis. Hold it right there, Mr. Mind! What the heck do you mean by I am suffering from permissionitis? My mind softly said:

You suffer from permissionitis when you always wait on someone to come and give you the permission to do the things that matter to the progress of your life, goals and dreams.

How true! Right on point Mr. Mind. I have not given myself the permission do webinars, rather I keep finding excuses, which are the very fungi fueling the permissionitis.

My dear, if you are not doing the things you must do to get to your goals and live your dreams, then probably you are suffering from permissionitis. You are waiting on someone to come and give you the permission. It’s this permissionitis that has caged your progress and your wins. If you really want to become the true winner you were created to be, you must cure yourself of permissionitis.

Yes, it’s time you cure yourself, and the medication you need is an unlimited dose of self-permission.

This is what I did. I got off my brainstorming and meditation chair, with a pen and a sticky note in my hand, and walked straight to the mirror in my washroom. I then looked in to my eyes via the mirror and said;

“I Jones, I give me permission to do webinars”. I said it three times and then wrote down a date for my first webinar. I also right there made up mind to repeat this sentence every morning and evening until webinar becomes my thing.

Look, you know what you should be doing to move your life, career or business forward, faster. It’s time you get out of your own way by giving yourself the permit to do them.

Always remember; You have what it takes to whatever it takes. You are chosen for greatness! You are truly born to win.
Stay motivated! Stay Blessed!

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