To become the T.R.U.E WINNER you were created to be, you must make living the winning life your priority.

Living The Winning Life is the every day effort to win over your personal limiting story, fears, worries, doubts, limiting beliefs, distractions, negative habits, mindsets etc through the installation and mastery of principles, habits, beliefs, mindsets, and lifestyles of history makers and world class achievers.

 My dear friend, this is what we are about inside Sir Jones University.  As once said by Jim Rohn, ‘Success is not something you pursue, it’s something you attract by the person you become’. If you ready to transform and become attractive to success, then Join Sir Jones and his team inside Sir Jones University for exclusive contents, community and coaching.

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This is a live monthly personal development, motivation and winning mindset mastery training and caoching

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Join Sir Jones and his team every Thursday for an accountability and becoming T.R.U.E coaching sessions.

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Month to month personal development courses to help you become better. Basically, we grant you access a course or a challenge every month.

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You get to network with community of life minded people. Receive support and accountability 24/7

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Yes, you get lots of resources and tools for your ultimate personal and professional success

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Why Sir Jones University

Hi, I am Sir Jones Kofi Apawu. SIR JONES UNIVERSITY is my official T.R.U.E WINNER UNLEASHING online school. 

I am blessed to have found my life’s work which is to help people BECOME Tough Relentless, Undefeatable & Extraordinary so they can make their dreams and goals happen. 

My dear, I wouldn’t have said same about two decades ago when I lost father. Up until his demise, all I ever hoped of becoming were the plans he had for me.

So when he died, he left with my dreams. (so I thought during that period of my life). Situations got worse when I was not accepted into Business School to at least fulfill part of the dream: to become an accountant. “Now that the root of my dreams is no more, what will become of me? This was the question I kept asking myself. I was lost and confused.

You see, I developed that habit of reading motivational books and biographies of successful people earlier in my teens, thanks to my elder brother and mentor, Richard. This particular habit turned out be the game changer.

One afternoon, after reading Robbert Schuller’s Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do, I reached the decision to create new a meaning and future for life. “When suddenly that crystal clear water becomes muddy, you get up and find ways to make it crystal clear again”. With these words, I plunged into massive actions.

I join an organisation called Foundation For Future Leaders International, and the training, coaching and mentoring I received change my perspective on life and success. 

It increased my hunger to serve humanity, and more importantly, brought back hope, clarity and focus into my life.

I discovered personal development and became an addict. This personal development adventure led to the discovery of my life’s mission. 

Specifically, through introspection, reflections, prayers and meditations, I received a message from God sending me on a mission to unleash TRUE Winners:

“I have created all human beings with the ability to win and reach their greatness. The rate at which people are giving up on themselves and their dreams is alarming. My assignment therefore to you is to unleash True winners. Go out there and help others become the true winners I have created them to be. Teach and guide them on how to live the winning life.

I have since invested more than $110,000 in my personal and professional development. My current circle of influence include mentors and coaches like Brendon Butchard, Frank Kern, JT Fox, Lissa Nicoles, Darren Hardy, Grant Cardone, Dean Graziozi, Anik Singal, Les Brown, John Maxwell, Bob Practor Robin Sharma and many others.

I therefore foundered Sir Jones University is to grant you and many others first hand access to the experiences, skills, tools and insights I have acquired dedicating years of decade to studying and learning from the world’s best mentors and Leaders.

More importantly, it is to provide you with a place to challenge yourself – step out of your comfort zone, and grow consistently into the person you need to become so you can make huge difference in this world, tapping into the latest and effective tools and training while surrounded by other true winners to give you the accountability you need.Ultimately, you Become Tough, Relentless, Undefeatable And Extraordinary. 

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Hello Sir Jones. Thanks for that powerful encouragement. I have made up my mind to stick to my dreams no matter what comes on my way. Thanks, God bless you Sir.


Hello Sir Jones. I can’t thank you enough but may God bless you. Ever since you came into my life, you have developed me into an unbeatable giant hungry for success and very positive. I have learnt how to find positives even in the worst situations. I see myself growing stronger and becoming an achiever everyday. I am completing my Electrical Engineering degree in May next year. Wish you could be there on my graduation. Thank you Thank you and Thank you.


Hello Sir Jones. Your messages keep me going. I have been going through hard times (breakup and more) but when ever I read your motivational messages I smile. Thanks for always beings there, Sir


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