How To Choose A Career


Career002Interestingly and kind of strange, most people are not happy with their jobs. Most people are in the wrong profession due to wrong career choice.  In this article I am going delve into how you can choose a career that fit your personality, interest and visions. If you want to know if your current profession or career is what you really want to do or is what you  really should be doing then read this article and assess yourself. 

Our career forms a major part of our lives. Choosing career is similar to choosing a partner. if you chose rightly, you could have a fulfilling life, and always be happy waking up pursuing this career.

If you choose wrongly, you could be living your life whining and complaining. In effect, it is important to choose right.

Below are some tips to help you choose your career.

Choose A Career That Fall Within Your Skill Set

The first point one need to consider is his or her skills for the job or profession. You need to know yourself and the skills you naturally possess and the skills you have acquired through training and education. These skills sets should form  the basis of your choice of career. I have had the opportunity to counsel young adults on their careers and most of these young adults had their careers being decided for them by their parents or guidance. 

Recently, I got into a conversation with a second year undergraduate student about her program and her future after school. The student openly and categorically told me that what she is studying is actually not what she want do. Apparently, she wants to be writer but at that moment she is studying engineering, a program chosen for her by her parents. There are a lot more people who are actually working in areas because their parents force them into it. It is important to consider your skill sets.

Choose Career That falls Within Your Interest Set

You can also make your choose of career base on your interest. Ones again it is about knowing yourself and things that interest you most. What are your interest? what are your hobbies? what things are ready to do even if you are not rewarded monetarily? Doing something within your interest takes you away from the pressure to trying to please and takes you into the realm of satisfaction and joy. For example, I had a friend who loves to talk about sports especially soccer. I encourage this friend to seek a career in sport journalism. It was something he had actually never thought of. He listened to me and today is excelling as that field.

Search For Job Satisfaction and Self fulfillment

Another important factor you should consider is career satisfaction, happiness and self fulfillment. This is very important in the sense that if you are not happy with your career then there is no way your are going to have fulfilling career. Don’t chase after the money but job satisfaction. If you chose career base on your skill set and interest set, then you are on the right track for job satisfaction and fulfillment.

Choose A Lifestyle

Also consider the life style of the career.  Every career comes with its own life style. It is important you assess yourself in the direction of lifestyle. For example don’t choose to become a lawyer because people talk about lawyers. Rather, look into the lifestyle of lawyer and assess that with your personality and values. Is it something you want to do. Is it the kind of life style you want to live.

Consider The Opportunity For Advancement

Choose a career where there is opportunity for learning and growth . Personal development or growth in career is the key to continuous existence. If you look at career that will make you stagnant I suggest you think twice. The last thing you want in live is to behind the flow of life especially in career.

Our career choices are very important. We should always consider the interest of our families and people who matter to us. Just looking at the money or our personal interest will not always be the best. I hope these tips helps you to solve the career dilemma. I recommend to share this post with your friends and family. Also take the opportunity to follow us Facebook so that you can learn more of what we do and the opportunities that are available here.




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