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cropped-roundimageof-jones.jpgJones Kofi Apawu - Sir Jones - is one of the most followed motivational experts online. As a matter of fact, he is the world's only winning life expert. His daily newsletter, #MotivationWithSirJones, reaches more than 10 million people every week all around the world. His core mission is to help individuals and groups develop the mindsets and attitudes required to win/succeed in life.  Learn More

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The truth of the matter is we were all wired right from birth with all we need to face the storms of life and win, not once, but all the time.  For several times in my life I gave up on a goal or a dream when I could have won. Yeah, I could have won if I had tap into the winner qualities and power in me. Haven learned my lessons, I decided to be the reason why someone else will not give up.  Here are the ways you can work me.

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Hire Sir Jones to help you with your life and business.

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"Where There Is A Will, There Is A Way"

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Books By Sir Jones


The Optimist Extraordinaire

This book  gives you access to the  eight strategies that has become my weapon for consistent extraordinary optimism and action.



Winning Thinking Triggers

This creative piece is all about helping individuals develop the right attitude and mindset required for goals accomplishment and life change. 


Are You Winning Or Loosing?

A Report Detailing 10 Hidden Qualities All Winners Have In Common. Have This Comprehensive Report Sent To You Right Now For Free.

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